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PPS Number Explained

You may be entited to a FREE EYE EXAMINATION under the P.P.S. SCHEME. Applications for these schemes need to be processed prior to booking your eye examination. Please include your PPS number in the box provided, and we can apply for the authorisation for you via e-mail.

Medical Card Explained

You may be entitled to a free eye exam and free glasses through your Medical Card. Application Forms are available at Optique - fill in "Form LOA/1" and post to the HSE Optical Dept., Primary Community & Continuing Care, 25 Newcastle Road, Galway. The stamped form will be returned to your home address. Once you have received the form, contact Optique for an appointment

Request A Medical Card Application Form


It is important to have your eyes tested every two years unless otherwise recommended by your Optometrist. Regular eye examinations are important for the detection of focusing problems, eye strain and assessment of diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration. Certain body diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and multiple sclerosis may also manifest in one's eyes. We now have a high resolution digital camera which enables us to photograph the interior of your eye, which is a significant advancement in the early detection of eye disorders.

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