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  • Greater Comfort and Safety outdoors.
  • Virtually Eliminates glare
  • Enhanced colour perception
  • Improved Contrast
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

Available in two colours, brown and grey, in single vision or varifocal, with optional coatings on the back surface to eliminate back and side reflections.


Polarising lenses offer increased safety. They eliminate the glare produced by reflections on wet surfaces, the dashboard and other cars.


For light sensitive eyes, particularly for older people and those who have had ocular surgery (refractive by laser or cataract), for sports such as golfing, sailing and fishing, for winter sports such as skiing where your eyes constant stress from sunlight reflected by flat-surfaces (water, snow and ice). Childrens eyes are especially vulnerable to the suns UV radiation as the eyes crystalline lens does not act as a protective filter until age 13.

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